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About Us - School

  Recognized by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for Exemplary Work in Curriculum and Resources

 St. John the Evangelist School is an elementary school existing in an atmosphere of our Roman Catholic Faith and Traditions through a ministry of caring, warmth and understanding, openness and healing forgiveness as an extension of the home.

 In recognition of the uniqueness of each individual, we challenge every child to work toward his/her own potential, to enhance his/her self-image, to grow in his/her understanding of the Catholic faith and to develop a working knowledge of fundamental skills, through a variety of educational experiences.

 In partnership with the family, St. John's seeks to sustain an on-going process of growth in religious, moral and educational values. By guiding each child to develop a sense of direction from within, an awareness of the dignity of every person, love and respect become an integral part of his/her effective Christian living and good citizenship, and thus leads each child to a recognition of God's action in his/her live and the lives of others.

 We believe as a Catholic Christian school community of St. John the Evangelist, that we recognize the unique growth of each individual student and propose to aid each student in the areas of their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical development in the following ways.


  1. To help each child make the Catholic faith an essential part of his/her life. 
  2. To provide students with opportunities to make mature and responsible choices, realizing their benefits and consequences.
  3. To foster academic skills which will ultimately assist them in growing into mature, responsible people.
  4. To nurture the emotional growth of each child by being examples of respect, understanding, openness ad sensitivity, thus teaching them to accept themselves and others.
  5. To nurture in children a sense of respect for themselves and others by enabling them to participate in programs in the areas of physical education, family and human development, substance abuses education and the fine arts. 
  6. To foster leadership qualities in students. 
  7. To foster a sensitivity and a concern for the needs of others.