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Why should I choose St. John the Evangelist school for my child? 

A Catholic education addresses a child’s development of heart, mind and body.  At St. John’s we have high academic standards.  We were recognized by the Archdiocese in 2008 for exemplary work in curriculum, instruction, and resources, and then in 2016 for our work in Mission and Catholic Identity.  We care about each student’s emotional, spiritual and physical development.  St. John’s provides a secure and disciplined environment where students can learn and grow with confidence and can be “themselves.”  

What is the tuition? 

The Parishioner tuition rate for 2024-25 is $3,310 for one student, $5,600 for two students, $7,990 for 3 students, $8,330 for four students and $8,680 for five students.  For non-parishioners, the tuition is $5,660 per student, regardless of the number of students enrolled. There is a $75 registration fee for new students only.  These tuition rates are unchanged from the previous two school years.

Tuition is paid either in full by June 15th, or in 10 electronic monthly installments.  There is a $100 discount for families who pay in full by June 15th.


How does St. John tuition compare to other area Catholic Schools? 

St. John the Evangelist strives to maintain one of the lowest tuition rates in the surrounding area.  The parish very generously underwrites the school, and for the second consecutive year, there will be no tuition increase.


Does St. John the Evangelist participate in the Parental Choice Program?

We participate in both the Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Parental School Choice Programs.  Open enrollment for these programs begins on February 1st.  Families who wish to enroll in our school and participate in one of the Parental Choice programs are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as seats are limited.  

When is open enrollment? 

Open enrollment begins with our Catholic Schools Week open house.  Current students maintain registration priority.

What is the maximum class size?
Class size is limited to 30 students, 26 for K5, and 20 for K4.  Class average is 16.

Is there a school uniform? 

Yes, there is a uniform requirement for boys and girls at all grade levels.  Boys and girls wear navy blue pants and a white or red shirt.  There is also a red-white-blue plaid jumper for girls in K4 through grade 4, and a plaid skirt for girls in grades 5 through 8.

What are the school hours?

  • Grades K4 – 8:  7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. 
  • Doors open and all children may be dropped off at 7:30 a.m. 
  • Students that need to be dropped off before 7:30 can join our Early Risers Program.
  • After School Care is also available


Both K4 and K5 are full-day programs.  

What if my child requires additional help in a subject?
When requested, the teaching staff will make themselves available to students prior to or after school.  In addition, we also have a Learning Resource Coordinator on staff to assist students during the day.  Our Learning Resource Coordinator also works with classroom teachers to plan in-class interventions for students requiring extra support.

What type of feedback will I receive regarding my child’s academic progress? 

Packets of completed assignments are sent home weekly.  Teachers will also contact parents if there is a concern.  Each teacher has an e-mail address to further facilitate parent-teacher communication.  Report cards are sent home three times per year.  Parents of students in grades one through eight have ongoing access to student grades using PowerSchool.

Additionally, each homeroom teacher sends out a weekly communication to parents regarding happenings in the classroom.

Students in grades K5 - 8 take the Star Assessment three times per year.  This tool measures academic growth in the areas of reading and math.

How do students develop spiritually at St. John?

Our students participate in weekly masses, prayer services, and Eucharistic Adoration (for all students in grades K5 through 8), Living Rosary, May Crowning and Stations of the Cross. Our priest also visits the classrooms on a regular basis and encourages interaction with students during weekly mass. Students work in Prayer Pods.  There are ten Prayer Pods, each consisting of a teacher and students from each grade K4 through 8.  Prayer Pods meet each month to participate in different activities about our faith.  Our junior lector program teaches our children the skills necessary to proclaim the Word of God.  Students in grades five through eight may participate in the mass as altar servers. The school is a very caring, Christian environment where children feel safeThere is a focus on moral, social and spiritual growth.  Children are taught to live our faith.  Service-learning programs are something we live and reach far beyond simply collecting money for a cause.

What type of computer instruction is provided?

We are continually assessing the need for new hardware and software throughout the building. Students use chromebooks to meet both classroom and technology goals. Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board and laptop.  In addition, our each student is provided a Chromebook.

What type of music instruction is provided?

Music instruction is offered for grades K4 -8.  A variety of  instruments are used in the classroom.  Our Christmas music program is one of the highlights of the school year.  There is also a Youth Choir for students in grades 3 through 8, and students are offered the opportunity to participate in our youth bell choir.  

 Is foreign language instruction provided? 

Yes, Spanish language instruction is provided for grades K5-8.

How does the hot lunch program work? 

Our current hot lunch program is provided every day with a nutritious main entrée meeting the requirements for the National School Lunch program.  A calendar of hot lunch meals is provided each month.  Student orders are tallied on a daily basis. Lunch tickets are purchased and kept on file at school.  The cost is $4.75 per lunch per day.  Milk is available for purchase for students who prefer to bring a lunch from home. SJE participates in the federal hot lunch program and offers free and reduced lunch to families with demonstrated financial needs. 

What other activities does the school offer?

We offer chess club, Youth Choir, Youth Handbell Choir, Brownies, Scouts, Forensics, Wellness Warriors, Soccer K5-8, Futsal K5-4, Basketball, Track and Girls Volleyball 5-8. 

Do St. John students have to attend additional classes when preparing for sacraments?

No.  All sacrament preparation and religion classes are taught in the school. There is no need to attend additional evening or weekend classes for school students.


Is there a before-school program that provides child care?

We offer an “early risers club”.  For the minimal cost of $2 per student per day, students may arrive beginning at 6:30 AM each day.  Students who only need care between 7 and 7:30 AM may come for a cost of $1.00 per child per day.  


Is there an after-school program that provides child care? 

On site after school care is available at an additional charge.  This program requires pre-registration and accepts students in grades K4 through 8.  Extended day programming is offered on all full school days between 2:45 and 6:00 PM, for a cost of $6 per hour.


What is the Buddy Program?

The buddy program matches students in different grades (i.e. 3rd and 8th grade, 2nd grade and 7th grade, and 1st grade and 6th grade) to participate in activities together throughout the year.  The program helps build camaraderie in the school and encourages positive behavior and social skills.


What types of special events are available?

School sponsored social events include the annual Halloween Trunk or Treat event. 

In addition, we offer a wide variety of activities during Catholic Schools Week, an all-school picnic on our grounds at the end of the year, and field trips to activities such as theatre productions and special performances at the school.  Our Home and School hosts a “Back to School Tailgate Party” to kick off the school year and an end of the year school outing in late spring. Our annual parish festival provides school families with the opportunity to interact with each other and the larger parish community.  


Are there Fundraising Requirements at SJE?

Each family is required to sell 7 Raffle Calendars in fall. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in our SCRIP program as well as other fundraisers throughout the year as available. Each family is also required to make a service commitment of 20 hours to our school and parish community.  This information is included in the prospective family folder.


Do SJE students need to fulfill Service-Learning Hours?

Yes, beginning in 5th grade, students will record all of their service hours..  Students are required to serve 30 hours by graduation.  Based on academic achievement, our sixth through eighth graders have the opportunity to apply for the National Junior Honor Society.  Students who meet the qualifications for this organization are the service leaders of our school, helping to plan activities for our school throughout the year.