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About Us - Athletic Association

About Us

St. John the Evangelist athletic program attempts to teach and develop not only the sportsmanship and fundamentals of sports, but also leadership, teamwork, discipline, quickness of mind, moral and physical courage.


We believe that dedication, hard work, and perseverance can compensate for natural ability, and that kids can use what they learn on the field to help them off the field.


Eligibility for St. John's Sports Program

    • Belong to the Parish
    • School
    • Religious Education
    • Home School families are eligible if they meet the following criteria:* Participate in the Religious Education program offered at our parish.
    • * Active members of St. John the Evangelist Parish


    • To set a positive learning experience for Christian development.
    • To emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork.
    • To help each individual understand competition.
    • To provide an opportunity for all participants to develop and share knowledge and skills appropriate for their levels.
    • To raise funds for all athletic activities that the Athletic Association sponsors.